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What if there’s nothing wrong with you?

What if there’s nothing wrong with you? 960 500 Janie

You are probably reading this because you’ve had enough.

Enough of the pain, the stress, the depression, the body weight issues, the trauma, the health issues or the unhappiness.

Do you believe it’s possible to be happy, no matter what? Do you think it’s possible to feel peace and joy instead of stress and depression?

I can tell you that it IS because I did it!

I suffered from depression throughout my 20s and 30’s and one day I said “enough is enough” and went on a mission to “fix” myself.

And “fixing yourself” doesn’t happen the way you think it does, or how you’ve been told it does.

I’m Janie Carter and you can read more about my story here.

That’s why what you’ve done before hasn’t worked.

That’s why you might not feel better after stress management counselling, or you can’t stick to a diet or exercise routine, or the pills haven’t helped.

It’s because these things only address the symptoms and they don’t get to the root cause.

And that’s why what I do is different. I help you get to the root cause.

What if a big part of the problem is actually your belief that there is something wrong with you that has to be “fixed” in the first place?

Our beliefs are what need to be “fixed”

The root cause of all our problems is what we believe. Our beliefs lead to our thoughts, our feelings, our actions and our habits. And if we are not currently happy with ourselves and our life, then it is our beliefs that need to be changed.

Our life can’t change if our beliefs about it don’t change.

When we change our beliefs, our outer world starts to change all on its own. Our body, our relationships, our health, our behaviour…

I worked out how to rewire my beliefs and therefore change the way I think and feel. This inner change transformed the way I acted in the world – and I was then able to create a happier, healthier and more meaningful life.

How I work with people


Change your beliefs about FEELINGS

We have never been taught what feelings are FOR, and what to DO with them. The fact is that our feelings are a 100% accurate guidance system about how our life is going according to our dreams and desires.

Instead of listening to their important messages we have been conditioned to either ignore them or project them at others – neither of which support optimum health and happiness.

I can help you to:

  • take responsibility for and listen to your feelings
  • reduce your emotional triggers
  • reduce the stress and depression associated with suppressed emotions
Change your beliefs about YOU

Do you like who you are? Do you recognise your amazing strengths and gifts? Or do you focus on the “negatives”?

Poor self esteem is so common and stems from the underlying belief that we are “not good enough”. Changing this belief can help with confidence and creating a life that you love, filled with meaning and purpose.

I can help you to:

  • stop trying to be who you think you should be and learn how to BE YOU
  • trust yourself and know that you have the solutions you need
  • reframe beliefs about past trauma that impacts you in the present
Change your beliefs about OTHERS

Most people have a belief that others should behave the way they expect them or want them to. This is a great source of misery as other people will NEVER behave how we want them to!

Setting others free to be themselves and removing our expectations of them is a relief for everybody. It also means we can stop being a victim of others behaviour and instead can focus on ourselves and who we want to be.

I can help you to:

  • reduce your reactions to what others say and do, and instead be you
  • give to yourself what you want or expect from others
  • learn how to remove yourself from harmful drama and gossip about others
Change your beliefs about OUR CULTURE

Earlier on I talked about how there might actually be nothing “wrong” with us. What if it’s society that’s “wrong”? Our current Western culture sets impossible expectations about what we should look like, how we should behave and how we should feel.

And if we don’t fit the perfect ideal (who does?), society is quick to label us as “bad”. But with a quick look doesn’t it seem more likely that the culture itself is the problem?

I can help you to:

  • understand culturally imposed beliefs in your life (eg I must be productive and busy to be succeesful)
  • stop looking for culturally conditioned short term fixes
  • step away from cultural norms that may negatively impact you
Change your beliefs about HOW THE WORLD WORKS

Have you ever had an experience where you just “know” something you couldn’t logically know? Or an amazing coincidence beyond all explanation?

The world often works in mysterious ways and our current beliefs about what reality is are very limiting and just don’t explain everything that happens. Changing our beliefs in this area can open us up to new possibilities and ways of functioning in the world that produce amazing results!

I can help you to:

  • understand the role your beliefs, thoughts and feelings create your experiences and circumstances
  • learn the art of letting go and trusting everything is going to be OK
  • tune into your intuition, knowing and synchronicities that can change your life for the better
Change your beliefs about FOOD

What we believe about food has a huge impact on how the food we eat affects us. Do you think of food only as “calories”? Do you believe there are food you should and shouldn’t eat?

Thinking about food this way can lead to cycles of yoyo dieting, binge eating, constant stress and does not help our health and body weight.

The quality of the food we eat and the health of our physical body is intimately connected to our mental health so changing our beliefs about food, in parallel with counseling, can provide much faster results.

As a nutritionist I can help you to:

  • find a way of eating you love to support your health goals
  • learn to relax about food and let go of all those rules
  • bust some of the myths about nutrition so you can make educated choices

The common issues that I can assist with:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Past trauma
  • Addictions and lack of self-control
  • Relationship and family issues
  • Emotional regulation and self-awareness
  • Body weight and health issues
  • Poor self-esteem or lack of self-confidence
  • Mid life crisis
  • Stress reduction
  • Personal transformation
  • Spiritual awakening

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