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What does “Exercise” mean to you?

What does “Exercise” mean to you? 960 495 Geoff

Despite what you have been told – exercise is NOT necessary for weight loss.
Exercise however, is vital for your quality of life and your health.
Movement, no matter how basic, is necessary for life.

Are you forcing yourself to exercise and not seeing a result commensurate with your effort? This unfortunately is very common. Or are you just not exercising at all because you just don’t like it? Also very common!

The wrong exercise is actually counterproductive to weight loss. If it feels like a chore then it probably is. Not helpful.

Motivation and time are given as the biggest barriers to regular exercise. Fair enough – there are millions of things screaming for our time and attention.

But what if exercise could unlock a bit more energy so that those millions of things become a bit easier? What if 30minutes a day of enjoyable exercise actually powered the other 23 and half hours in your day?

What if you slept better? Were less stressed? Your joints didn’t ache so much? What if you felt alive and in the moment, free of worries? Felt better at work and were more productive?

What if your posture improved so you felt and looked better? What if you felt a sense of accomplishment at doing something novel or challenging?

What if everything you did in the course of your daily life just felt a bit easier?

What if I told you that you probably already are exercising and that you might be beating yourself up because you think that you are not doing what is being sold to you as necessary for weight loss and health?

Yes, you absolutely need to be moving or you will suffer a long, slow and probably painful demise.

But you don’t need to be punishing or pushing yourself.

There are many different ways to get healthy exercise into your life without suffering and having to force yourself to do it. You do not need a gym membership, twice weekly PT sessions and you certainly don’t need boot camp.

You don’t really need to be “fit” (unless of course you are an athlete or want to run the City to Surf). You do need an appropriate level of cardiovascular conditioning so that you enjoy good health.

But without question most human beings will benefit greatly from getting stronger.

Your strength will in many ways dictate the quality of your life as you get older. How strong you are will affect your physical independence. Getting stronger also means that your bones, muscles and vital organs become more robust and if done correctly, should result in improved posture, movement patterns and a reduction in joint pain.

Let’s have a chat about what exercise means to you. And about how we can help you find the reasons that you might want to do a little bit more or do it differently so that it actually improves the quality of your life in ways we can all measure.

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