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Weight Loss & Wellness – One Simple Step at a Time…

Weight Loss & Wellness – One Simple Step at a Time… 960 638 Janie

Have you ever felt extremely motivated to start a new diet or exercise program only to find that a few days later it has become too hard and you just go back to your old habits? Have you ever undertaken a 12 week health program to lose weight and get fit, only to find that a few weeks after completion you are back to your old weight or maybe even heavier? Have you ever joined a gym and gone a few times and then never gone back?

If you have experienced either of these situations you are not alone. It is estimated that up to 90% (yes, 90%!) of people who undertake some sort of health program either give up, or after finishing go straight back to where they started. Why is the long term failure rate for these sorts of health programs so high?

There are a few different reasons behind this phenomenon, and poor results from a health program can involve one or more of these factors:

  1. It is extremely hard to make major changes all at once and integrate them fully into your lifestyle. The Big Bang approach of completely starting over works for only a small percentage of people. Most people find major change overwhelming when combined with other life stressors – even if they were initially extremely motivated – and simply give up if they find they cannot do everything. Also many people take an all-or-none approach which is that if they cannot do something perfectly then it is not worth doing, so they instead do nothing.
  2. In modern western society our brains have been conditioned to expect short term results – we are always looking for immediate gratification! So if we do not see quick results we simply give up. Or we are easily distracted by the calling of not-so-healthy foods or activities for their short-term fix. Or we simply do not have the will or patience to persevere in something that is not giving us immediate results.
  3. Many of us believe that we can temporarily diet for a few weeks or months, lose some weight, then go back to our normal ways and that the weight will magically stay off. This simply does not work. The body has a weight that it is comfortable being and if we stray too far from that weight the body will do everything it can do to get back to where it wants to be. Weight loss is only sustainable when we train the body to want to be a different weight.
  4. The current mainstream health industry is still promoting eating less and exercising more as the magic formula for weight loss and unfortunately in real life this is simply not true. We are complex beings with a complex metabolism which is responsible for the burning of energy, and if that is not working properly then no matter how much less we eat or how much more we exercise it is very hard to lose weight. In fact under-eating and over-exercising place great stress on the body, further reducing metabolic function, making weight loss even more difficult – and resulting in health issues.
  5. Many people are chronic dieters and their bodies are so badly stressed from reduced calories (read starvation!) that the metabolism is barely working at all. In this state it is virtually impossible to lose weight and it tends to come hand in hand with hormonal health problems like hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue and PCOS/PMS. In fact many people in this state find they put weight on when they cut calories.
  6. Most people are malnourished from a poor diet, and like the chronic dieters, their bodies are badly stressed from lack of nutrition leading to a reduced metabolic rate. This group of people also find it extremely difficult to lose weight and also experience hormonal-related health issues.

So then what is the ideal way to get healthy and/or lose weight? This may be the answer that you don’t want to hear, but it is the only answer that leads to long term success:

Young Sporty Fit Woman Measuring WaistLong term health is not a 12 week program, an expensive shake or special diet – it is living the rest of your life making healthy choices. It requires a long-term commitment and continuing motivation when you lapse, understanding that you can never be perfect. And generally small changes need to be made one at a time and built on so that good health practices are properly integrated into your lifestyle.

It may seem easier to try another weight loss product, detox diet or a 6am boot camp, but before you do, ask yourself a few questions: Has it ever worked in the past for you? Do you know anyone who has had LONG-TERM success from doing it? Most people will answer NO to both of these questions, but the human brain will still try to argue that “THIS time it will work” as a way to justify doing something easier…

The journey to long term health is an individual one and everyone’s path is different depending on current health, motivation and resources. Someone with less stress and better health may be able to progress quickly, whereas someone with health issues, poor metabolism or high stress may need to take smaller steps. Some people need to focus first on nutrition, some on exercise, some on stress management. Some people need to heal, some people need to move, some people need to learn what to eat. What is important is to find a pace and a path that works for you as an individual so that you have the best chance of success.

If you are ready and willing to undertake the journey to life-long health and wellness then THRIVE Health are here to help you. Sometimes the path to good health is not so clear, sometimes it helps to be accountable to someone, and sometimes it helps to be coached through the process. Sometimes you may need help to adjust goals that seem unachievable, or sometimes you may need someone to gently remind you of your goals when you feel like giving up.

Whatever your life situation we can help you find your path to health and guide you along it. We help you set achievable goals personalised for your lifestyle and resources. We work with your limitations and abilities to make sure that you are progressing at a pace comfortable for you.

Contact Janie on 0408 699 185 or janie@thrivehealth.com.au by using this contact form for more information about the Healthy Body Happy Mind Program.