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The Relentless Execution of the Fundamentals

The Relentless Execution of the Fundamentals 960 640 Geoff

Stop looking for the easy way to lose weight or turn around your health. It does not exist.

Why do some people achieve their goals in life and others fail? Why can some turn their health around and live life with renewed vigour and strength? How do some people flatten that stomach and not have it return 6 months later? How is it that some people can build a physique that they are proud of even later in life? What is it about those who can get and stay fit and achieve their athletic goals?

Are you trying to achieve these things but not always succeeding? Do you know why?

While your DNA and genetics might have some bearing, the answer I am afraid is far more mundane than any fancy biological consideration.

These people do one thing – they relentlessly execute on the fundamental things that that they know will eventually give them the outcome that they are looking for.

They have a plan and they stick to it. Without fail. They do not do what they know they should be doing when it is convenient. They do not do it randomly. They do not do it sporadically.

They are relentless.

Being relentless can be uncomfortable. This is why the health, fitness and medical industry sells quick fixes. Because very few people are prepared to be relentless. Or uncomfortable. Or take a long term view. They want an easy solution. They drink meal replacement shakes or sit in gym machines. They sign up for 6 week transformation challenges that promise much and deliver little. They opt for surgical intervention or a lifetime of pharmaceutical assistance.

But these do not work in the long term. They never have and they never will.

Once you have figured out what it is that you need to do to get healthy, reduce your waistline, get fitter or just start feeling better – and this invariably means making some changes which are difficult – then you just need to do these things. Always.

If you are reducing sugar or eliminating grains then you reduce sugar or eliminate grains. Always. If you go out for dinner or a friend’s birthday party then you still reduce sugar or eliminate grains. If your friends are offended by this then bad luck. Your friends are probably the ones that drink the shakes. Doing things in “moderation” is a cop out. Moderation is an excuse not to be relentless. No one ever turned their health around or re-built their body by doing things in moderation. Moderation is a concept invented by the food companies so that you still buy processed foods.

If you are training for the City to Surf and your training plan says that today is 5km day then you need to run that 5km. Rain, hail or shine. If “you don’t feel like it” then bad luck. Do it anyway.

If you are trying to get stronger and today is squat day but you have a headache or the kids are being annoying, bad luck. Go and do your squats.

Reducing sugar, eliminating grains, the 5km training run and the squats. These are just examples (common ones) of the FUNDAMENTALS. These are the things that you KNOW you need to do to achieve your goals. These are the things that your desired change are based on.

We can find an excuse for anything. The mind can manifest any reason not to do something. Those who succeed ignore this mind manifestation. Those who do not, fail.

Welcome to the grind.

Roger Federer raises his hands aloft. Tears prick his eyes as the enormity of his achievement sinks in. 17 Grand Slam titles – a feat unparalleled in human sporting achievement.

Roger looks effortless on the court. When we watch the news coverage of the latest Grand Slam, we see sixty seconds of flawless tennis, we witness acts of breath taking athleticism and we see stroke making that looks perfect.

What we don’t see is the thousands of hours that go into the making of those sixty seconds. What we don’t see is the relentless, almost obsessive, execution of his training plan. Does Roger only train when it is warm and sunny? Does he miss training because someone drops in for a cup of tea? Does he train to someone else’s standards when he is abroad? Does he train through pain and discomfort?

Roger and everyone else in the history of mankind has done what needs to be done to achieve the objective. They just do it. They get it done. They do NOT use excuses, not ever.

Woman Juggling FruitThis is called the grind. It is not always fun. It is not usually comfortable. It is rarely easy.

Bad luck. Do it anyway. You know deep down inside that it is the only way. Get on with it. Grind.

Do you think that the grind is hard? Debilitating health in the future will be a lot, lot, lot harder.

Get used to the word sacrifice. Or change your thinking. Is not eating that sweet biscuit or that ice cream really a sacrifice? Why is not eating something harmful to your health a sacrifice? Your thinking might just be flawed.

Chugging down some breakfast cereal out of a box is easy. Getting out of bed twenty minutes earlier to cook some eggs for breakfast is a grind. Succumbing to what everyone else is eating is easy. The grind is when you take the trouble to prepare and take your own food to the luncheon. Eating packaged, processed or convenience food is easy. Planning, shopping and cooking so that you are constantly nourished is a grind.

Always reading labels and checking ingredients is a grind. Always preparing everything from scratch is a grind. The constant conversations with others about why you are eating so well and not eating processed foods can certainly be a grind.

Bad luck. These are things that will make all the difference. Keep grinding because eventually…..

The grind stops being the grind.

The first time you deadlift 100kg it is a grind. The bar leaves the floor and you slowly and painfully grind out the repetition. It is tough. But it is done.

Three months later, after flawlessly following your training program based on improving your dead lifts (the fundamentals) you are repping 100kg deadlifts. This weight is no longer a grind. It is easy.

You have adapted and progressed. What was once hard is now easy. What was once daunting is now a breeze. This is what happens when you follow a plan that is designed to move you from a current state to a future state.

The grind will not always be a grind. Eventually the grind will produce results and it will no longer be a grind. Eventually you will be so proud of your efforts that you will no longer care what anyone else thinks. Those who mocked your dietary changes as a fad or as an enduring moment of madness will no longer matter. You will either be a tall poppy to be cut down or an inspiration to them. It matters not – you have conquered the grind. If they don’t support you then they just make the grind even harder. Integrate yourself with others who are also grinding – only they know how hard the grind is, but more importantly, they will have the utmost respect for your efforts.

Establish YOUR fundamentals. What are the things that YOU are going to do to change your health, lose weight, build that physique?

Execute on those things, relentlessly. Make no excuses. Do them all the time, every time. Do this this for as long as it takes to achieve your objective. Enlist the help and support from others who know how to grind.

Eventually you will achieve your objectives. And you will never look back.

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