Over the past 5 years, we have trained many hundreds of local people in our private studio. We are equipped to conduct cardiovascular and strength training and also undertake posture analysis and correction.  Sports specific programs are also available.

Known for our high level of expertise, we enjoy referrals from local Physiotherapists, GP’s and Osteopaths for pain and injury rehabilitation as well as general strength and fitness services.

Whether you are just contemplating getting into exercise but not sure what to do or are a hard-core athlete – we are qualified and experienced to help you.

All personal training sessions and exercise consultations take place in our private studio where you will be the only client at that time.

Personal Training

Cost effective and high quality Personal Training for those who are already exercising but just need a push and some fresh ideas

Many people need some help to get and stay motivated. They need a little push and some fresh ideas so that they remain interested. They need guidance on what the most effective exercise is for them individually in context of their goals, physical capabilities and without all the myths and misinformation that exists in the fitness industry.

We provide short and highly effective PT sessions and we guarantee your results – you will be able to demonstrably measure your progress.

Your first session is free so that you can experience the Thrive difference.

Session cost is $35 for a 30-minute session for individuals and $60 for a 40-minute session for couples.

30-40 minutes is more than enough for a productive and effective PT session. Over the years we have refined our approach to make this possible while still delivering results.

What My Clients Say

“I wanted to get into exercise but wasn’t really sure what to do, in fact I was quite anxious about starting something new or doing the wrong thing. Geoff made me feel safe and welcome and over the past few months of our weekly 30 minute sessions I have become fitter, much stronger, more confident leaned out and am proud of my body for the first time in ages” – Female PT Client

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Exercise Consultations

Exercise Consultations for those who know they should be exercising but have little motivation and are not sure what to do

Over many years I have been successful in getting hundreds of people who don’t like exercise or don’t really know how to exercise – to exercise!

You probably think that you should be moving every day. I want you to be moving because you want to be moving every day.

Big difference.

I offer a unique service where we work together to unlock your reasons for exercising and create a very simple action plan to get you going. Usually, within 60 minutes, we create a movement plan for you that you will enjoy, be able to sustain and will benefit from.

Exercise should not be a chore – it should contribute to the quality of your daily life in ways that are easily recognisable by you. Exercise is not about weight loss or even health. They are long term outcomes that will happen anyway once you start exercising.

Exercise is about self-care and making a real difference to how you experience your day.

I will also ensure that you get stronger as your strength dictates the quality of your physical life and even your future independence.

So, forget about exercising because you think you should be or because you have been told its necessary for weight loss. Forget about promises of impossible “transformations”. Sculpting, toning, fat loss and improving health markers such as blood pressure of cholesterol – these things are not the reason to exercise. These things happen as a result of sustainable, enjoyable and long-term exercise.

Let’s make exercise a gift that improves your life every day.

Cost of exercise consultation including Do-At-Home exercise program is $120.00. Do-At Home program will be updated every 6-8 weeks to ensure you remain motivated and progress.

What My Clients Say

“I have learned from you in an hour than in 10 years of going to the gym” – Exercise Consultation Client

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Sports Specific Programs

For athletes and sports people who want to take their performance to the next level and safeguard from injury

We are skilled in creating sports and individual specific strength and condition programs for athletes. We have worked with numerous recreational and elite athletes from a wide variety of sports.

No sports program should be same for every athlete – even from the same sport. Every individual athlete will have different strength and flexibility requirements depending on their own physiology, performance level and time in their sport.

Contact us for a free initial consultation on how we can help you achieve better results in your sport.

What My Clients Say

“Geoff’s strength training has been fun and has taken my running performance to the next level” – Jackson Sharpe, National 1500m Champion and 2017 Junior Commonwealth Games finalist (1500m and 800m)

“Jackson looked really strong and smooth, you’re doing great work with him, the strength program is really paying off” – Gary Howard, coach of Jackson Sharpe and owner/director of RunCrew

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