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Movement that Matters

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You probably don’t like exercise. And you most likely hate “working out”.

We don’t blame you. In fact, “working out” is usually a miserable experience.

The mainstream fitness model would have us believe that we need to “work out” to lose weight. We are told that motivation, discipline and willpower are all that stands between us and a pair of skinny jeans.  Apparently it’s as simple as eating less calories and burning more calories doing “cardio”.

None of this is true.

This “should do must do” mindset is exactly the wrong way to think about exercise. This mindset will ensure that your experiences with movement will be fleeting and most likely stressful. The fitness industry has de-humanised exercise to the point where bits of technology are the top selling exercise apparatus.

You don’t need to work out. You don’t need to sweat. You don’t need to puff and pant.

But you do need to move.

Any rational human being understands that to NOT move is destructive to their health. Every living cell in our body and every synapse in our brain requires movement to survive. Not moving is being sedentary and the inextricable link between being sedentary and chronic disease is proven beyond all doubt. If you don’t move you will die.

Sporty womans feet jogging on the sand on a sunny day

How we help you Move

We help you engage in Movement that Matters. We help you come up with plan that will result in you enjoying exercise that will nourish your body and mind. Movement that Matters is simply exercise that has a purpose and has a benefit for YOU as a human being.

Unlike the mainstream fitness industry, we actually understand human movement very intimately. We provide enough education so that you can understand human movement too. So you know the why. Once you know the why your attitude to movement undergoes a profound change. Then we discuss the how. Our expertise is such that local Physiotherapists and Osteopaths refer their clients to us.

Our process is very simple. We meet with you in our clinic and we have an in-depth one-on-one conversation about the best way to get you moving. Together, we will draw up a plan and provide you with a program. We call this the Movement Consultation.

We guarantee that from this point onwards, you will be happily engaging in Movement that Matters. We can help connect you to various movement activities, source any equipment you might need and show you how to perform the exercises that will provide you the most benefit.

We like you to think of Movement along a continuum. Almost like from necessary to optional. From easy to hard. In this way, you can structure your Movement to suit yourself and where you are at but always having something else to aspire to when you are ready.

This continuum goes: Walk – Restore – Build.

Active and happy senior woman running on beach for exerciseWalk

Walking is essentially human and it was while we walked that evolutionary man developed a brain sizeable enough to take us to the top of the food chain. In the rush to sell gym memberships and products, the therapeutic benefits on mind and body of walking have been forgotten.

Just walking can have profound benefits on body and mind. In fact, walking is one of the best ways to exercise both body and mind together. The body and mind are inseparable – the body is intimately involved in our thought processes and our emotional wellbeing – any chance we have to integrate them purposefully is a bonus.

Tennis player celebrating victory. Winning cheering man happy inRestore

Restore features low level movement that is enjoyable and provides nourishment for body and mind. Restore will also have another very important role – that of helping correct postural imbalances that result over time and as an outcome of 21st century living and poor exercise choices in the past.

Restore activities include things like swimming, yoga, Swiss ball training, martial arts, body weight strength training, park runs, rowing, cycling and other rhythmical activities that are easy on the joints but more demanding on the overall physiology and mind than walking. They may be more “play orientated” like social tennis, activities that include a community and belonging aspect.

Restore should also help you reclaim full movement through joints that might be sore and muscles that might be tight. If you don’t reclaim this movement you eventually lose the ability to move them at all.

Side view of a fit young woman lifting barbell in the gymBuild

At the higher intensity end of the continuum is Build. These activities require brief bursts of higher levels of exertion and involve moving multiple joints through a full range of motion, usually under load and often at speed.

Build activities tax the muscular system to fatigue which is a necessary component of the adaption process to get stronger and increase muscle mass and bone density. They challenge the nervous system also thereby improving things like the ability to recruit muscles quickly and powerfully, balance and reaction time and have a more profound effect on health markers such as lipid profile, blood pressure and immune system.

Examples include high intensity running, challenging weight training, CrossFit, training for and competing in competitive sports and the like.

Movement that Matters should be enjoyable

The continuum is not a linear progression. For many it might be but for most of us we like to move into out of the different levels AS WE FEEL LIKE IT! I compete at a high level in track sprinting which requires a lot of build activities in the form of progressive training. But I can tell you, there are days when all I want to do is go for a walk so that is what I do.

This is an important part of the Movement that matters philosophy and ensures that we will be moving because we want to not because we think we have to.

Sport Couple Of Athletes SuccessThe Movement that Matters Mind Set

Our whole mind set about movement is underpinned by only one foundation stone – that you are determined to NEVER BE SEDENTARY, that you will be mindful to stand up and move as often as humanly possible during the course of your daily life.

If you do that then you are already engaging in movement that matters.

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