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Make exercise a gift that improves your life every day

Make exercise a gift that improves your life every day 960 640 Geoff

Over many years we have been successful in getting hundreds of people who don’t like exercise or don’t really know how to exercise – to exercise!

You probably think that you should be moving every day.

I want you to be moving because you want to be moving every day.

Big difference.

I offer a unique service where we work together to unlock your reasons for exercising and create a very simple action plan to get you going. Usually, within 60 minutes, we create a movement plan for you that you will enjoy, be able to sustain and will definitely benefit from.

I do the impossible – I help you become motivated to exercise!!

Exercise should not be a chore – it should contribute to the quality of your daily life in ways that are easily recognisable by you.

Exercise is not about weight loss or even health. They are long term outcomes that will happen anyway.

Exercise is about self-care and making a real difference to how you experience your day.

I will also ensure that you get stronger as your strength dictates the quality of your physical life and even your future independence.

So forget about exercising because you think you should be or because you have been told its necessary for weight loss. Forget about promises of impossible “transformations”. Sculpting, toning, fat loss and improving “health markers” – these things are not the reason to exercise. These things happen as a result of sustainable, enjoyable and long term exercise.

Let’s make exercise a gift that improves your life every day.

Read more about our exercise philosophy in our article Movement That Matters.

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