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Let Food be your Medicine

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There comes a time in our life when we reach a crossroads with respect to our health.

As we age, our health declines – things just catch up with us. Unless we have arrested this situation early enough, we can find ourselves in trouble. We may end up severely overweight, fatigued, with metabolic syndrome, weak and becoming increasing desperate for help.

At the crossroads we can do two things. We can throw ourselves at the mercy of “the system” or we can get off our atrophying backsides and take control of our health for ourselves.

The system won’t fix us, it will mask our symptoms in an ever increasing cascade of pharmaceuticals and surgical options. We may get temporary relief, but we know deep down inside that we haven’t really achieved what we set out to achieve which is to improve our health. We want to be fixed.

PillsThe other option is hard, very hard. To take control of our own health, we need to undergo an almost total cognitive and physical transformation. Not all at once perhaps, but once we head down that road, we need to commit to long term change, to putting ourselves out there and learning what there is to learn about health, to make changes, to challenge long held beliefs even potentially suffering ridicule from those around us who have fallen victim to the system and are not happy about it but are too afraid to change.

Fortunately for us, the first part of the journey down that road is not a hard one.

It is food. Real food. We need to learn about real food.

But once we get this part right, the rest of the journey just seems to fall into place.

You see, unlike “the system”, food can fix you. The system can’t fix you – it can’t. It is not designed to fix you. It doesn’t know how to fix you. It actually doesn’t want to fix you – you are worth too much money sick. Pharmaceutical interventions might mask one problem, but they will create another. A surgery might hold promise of relief, but unless the rehabilitation goes perfectly you could well be at square one. More pharmaceuticals and more surgery.

Food can reverse the very symptoms that the system can’t fix. Or it can stop them from occurring in the first place. The system might reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol, but does it do that while also improving your energy levels, cognitive function, skin condition, muscle tone, the shine of your hair, the robustness of your teeth and nails and the brightness of your eyes?

No, it cannot. Only food can do this.

But not any food. Real food. Food that is natural and that provides nourishment, not food that is processed and manufactured. That food is only one step removed from the perils of the system.

We are what we eat –in fact we are what we digest. We are living, breathing biochemical chain reactions depending on nourishment to thrive and prosper. Not medicine.

Let food be your medicine. Let medicine be your food.

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