Do you try to eat well most of the time, but when you experience strong emotions find yourself eating a whole block of chocolate or a tub of ice cream despite your best intentions?

Strong emotions including anxiety, stress, loneliness, boredom, anger, frustration, emptiness and depression can drive many people to emotionally eat.

The emotional drivers don’t necessarily need to be negative either – many people turn to food as a reward, at times of joy, or for celebration due to childhood conditioning.

Binge eating then usually results in feelings of guilt and shame which leads to the person having a period of restrictive eating to make up for the binge.

This sets up a destructive cycle of dieting and binging that is extremely detrimental to hormonal and metabolic functions, making weight loss very difficult.

So therefore it is really important for people who emotionally eat (or non-hunger eat) to get to the bottom of WHY they are binge eating or comfort eating.

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How we help you change your relationship with food

We help you identify your triggers

The first step in changing is to be aware of what triggers you to emotionally eat – these can be environmental or situational triggers.

How can these triggers be reduced or eliminated?

And when you are triggered what healthier alternatives might be utilised?

We help you change your behaviour

We help you set if… then… strategies so that you have a plan to act on when you are triggered.

We help you identify your ideal way of eating so that you can fall back on this when you become emotional or stressed.

We also help you focus on the long-term consequences of emotional eating, instead of the short-term fix that it provides.

We help you change your thinking

Aside from changing the triggers we help you rewire your brain so over time the urge to emotional eat reduces in intensity.

Long-term success requires a change in mindset because willpower is an infinite resource and can only last so long.

Our goal is to help you find a way to no longer need willpower and a big part of that is helping you change your relationship with food. This means changing the way you think about food so that you see it as nourishment for your body so that you can be healthy and heal – rather than it being a substance for comfort or reward.

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