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Are you strong enough?

Are you strong enough? 914 550 Geoff

Are you living your full physical life? Is fatigue your constant companion. Does pain stop you doing things that you want to do?

If everything seems just a little harder these days and requires more effort, chances are you are blaming the fact that you are “getting old”.

But aging isn’t the problem.

Your getting weaker. That’s the problem.

You are not physically strong enough to live your full physical life – the one where you have energy to burn, move freely and without pain and complete even basic daily tasks with a sense of effortless ease.

You may have heard the term Sarcopenia? Perhaps Dynapenia? You’ve definitely heard of Osteoporosis. These are all conditions that naturally occur as we age. Loss of muscle mass, muscle function and bone density – three things that work against us as the biological clock ticks. They make us weak, frail, and susceptible to accident and injury. They threaten our very quality of life and independence.

You are NOT automatically destined to get weaker as you get older. But you will, unless YOU decide to do something about it.

So get stronger.

Stop the loss of muscle. Keep them functioning and strong. Keep those bones dense and robust.

This is easily done by strength training.

I still laugh when someone tells me that women shouldn’t do strength training as they will “bulk up”.  If you train for 3 hours per day, 7 days per week aided by performance enhancing drugs, yes, you will definitely bulk you up.

But if you strength train for 20 minutes per day, 3-4 days per week, you will become stronger. Your muscles will tone. And your bones will get stronger.

Your heart and lung function will improve. Your balance, coordination, nervous system function and tendon strength will also benefit.

I can guarantee this. There is nothing mysterious about how it happens. I have never NOT seen an untrained individual benefit immediately and significantly from sensible dose strength training.

Try this. Stand up. Can you slowly lower yourself into a squatted position, unaided, balanced and pain free?

If not, I’ll show you how to do this for free. Because you really should be able to.

Strength training is easily done by moving your limbs or whole body against a resistance. Gravity might be that resistance, or you can use weights or resistance bands. The exercises that you do should be selected carefully and be based on your individual capabilities and preferences.

And it should be fun!

You will get older. But you don’t have to get weaker. Even the science agrees with me.

“Strength training is well established as one of the most effective strategies to reduce skeletal muscle mass losses during aging. Dynapenia, the lack of strength during advancing age, is not only related to the loss of contractile tissue but also to the quality of this tissue.

Resistance exercise induces the release of important hormones and hypertrophic factors that increase protein synthesis and contribute to improve not only muscle mass, but also muscle function. These strength increases are the consequence of neural adaptations such as improvements in maximal motor unit recruitment, and of increases on muscle thickness.

A 6-week strength training program has demonstrated to increase muscle quality and, consequently, functional capacity, in elderly women suggesting that this is a feasible and effective strategy to delay the loss of muscle quality during aging”.

(Sarcopenia, frailty and their prevention by exercise, C.M.Nascimentoc, M.Inglesb, A.Salvador-Pascuala, M.R.Cominettic, M.C.Gomez-Cabreraa, J.Viñaa June 2018)

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