Anxiety and depression effects a significant and increasing percentage of the Australian population. The reasons for this are complex as is the treatment.

The mainstream would have us believe that anxiety and depression are simply chemical imbalances in our brain which a simple pill will fix. But the sad fact is many people take that pill and end up feeling worse, feel numb, or become dependent on them.

Instead we believe that these conditions are a complex interplay of physical, nutritional, emotional and mental factors.

Some examples:

  • Did you know that some foods we are told are healthy can in fact detrimentally affect mental wellbeing?
  • Did you know that the health of our gut can impact our brain biochemistry?
  • Did you know that our brains are “plastic” and our habitual thoughts and feelings can be changed?

At Thrive Health we focus on identifying the root case in each person and putting in place interventions to help you find ways to feel better.

Read more about how the health of our gut can impact our brain in our article Good Health Begins in the Gut.

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Our Anxiety & Depression Programs & Services:

Our Counselling Services

A very practical, behavioural based process of helping you move forward.

Healthy Body Happy Mind 12 Week Program

The healthy, happy way to…
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