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About Us

We help our clients achieve a healthy body and a happy mind.

We believe that to change your body you must change your thinking. We use our expertise and experience in nutrition, exercise and counselling to achieve this.

Creating good health and achieving weight loss are a complex interaction of intellectual, emotional, social and physical factors. Medical thinking rarely treats health as such and the health and fitness industry still works on premise that if you somehow burn more energy than you consume then you will lose weight and be healthy. This simplification of a complex biological process sells gym memberships, supplements and PT sessions but does get long term results.

Our clients come to us typically after having “tried everything else” – numerous strategies and commercial programs in an attempt to feel better and lose weight. These programs work for a short time – usually just the term of the program but they do not work in the long run.

We do not promise miracles or short-term transformations. We personalise practical, long-term programs that are designed to achieve lasting change and sustainable results.

We live in the information age – most of us know what we should be doing to lose weight and feel great but what is missing is the how – how do we do it without starving ourselves or doing exercise that we do not enjoy. We help our clients execute health and weight loss plans in context of their busy lives and respectful of the uncertainty that making lifestyle changes can bring.

Our programs help our clients identify and work on the many different factors that contribute to improving weight, body composition and overall health and we help them systematically work on each factor in a way and at a pace that suits them.

Over the past 5 years we have worked with hundreds of clients and have achieved results where the mainstream medical system and other commercial plans and programs have failed. There is no doubt in our minds that this is because we have empowered our clients to take control of and responsibility for their health and weight loss goals.

This cannot be done simply by eating less and exercising more. This can only be done when you have a healthy body and a happy mind.

I’m Janie Carter and I help women achieve their health and weight loss goals, AND find happiness.

In other words I help women THRIVE!

Over the last few years I have worked with hundreds of women just like you and changed their lives.

I know good health and optimal body weight are almost impossible to achieve without happiness. In fact, I think happiness is often the first step to long term success for most people.

I also know that good health is highly individual and complex – so that’s why I’m a nutritionist, a counsellor, a health coach, a weight loss consultant and a strength coach. I love helping people thrive and to do that I need to be a jack of all trades, because everyone is different.

I work with women one-on-one through my signature 12 week program – Healthy Body Happy Mind – where we map out what is holding you back from achieving YOUR goals and then we have 12 weeks of face to face coaching to change them for the better!

Come and have a chat to me at a free no obligation discovery session to find out whether my program is right for you.

And just in case you want to know a bit more about me…

I am passionate about all things health! I love eating real whole living foods, I love preparing food from scratch, I love getting as strong as I can and I love running as fast as I can (I’m a masters 400m sprinter…), and I do what I love to do. I am thriving!

How did I end up here? Well I spent over a decade in the corporate world and during that time I suffered from depression, low self-esteem, high stress and I was very, very unhappy and not very healthy. And then I got very, very burnt out and had what I call my corporate breakdown.

  • Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences)
  • Diploma Counselling, AIPC
  • Certificate of Nutritional Counselling – electives in Weight Loss Consulting, Life Coaching, Sports Nutrition & Therapeutic Nutrition
  • Masters of Management, MGSM
  • Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 1 Licence
My Signature Program

Healthy Body Happy mind

The healthy, happy way to… more energy, feeling better, weight loss, improved health.

I gave it all away and spent the next 5 years travelling the world to try to “find myself” and get away from all my stress… but what I eventually discovered was that there was actually nothing to find… and as far as escaping from my stress? Well everywhere I went I took my thoughts with me – and they ended up being the cause of my stress and unhappiness.

So then I spent the next 5 years rewiring my brain for happiness. And interestingly the happier I became, the healthier I became. I started eating better and moving more because I was starting to like myself more and treat myself better. And then one day I realised that I loved my life, I loved who I was, I felt awesome and had boundless energy. I was thriving!

I want to help everyone feel this way. Everyone deserves to thrive.

See you soon!


Hi there, my name is Geoff Carter. Welcome to Thrive Health.

Janie and I have worked with many hundreds of people over a number of years now and we love what we do. We help you to enjoy a high quality of life by optimising your physical and mental health. We have invested many, many hours and thousands of dollars in becoming educated and qualified in these areas so that we can create insights for our clients. We work very hard on our own health so we know what it takes to be happy and healthy in a sometimes difficult world.

Our philosophy is one of a “guide by the side not a sage on stage” – which means we don’t just preach research or the latest great idea – we roll up our sleeves and work with you until you get a result that is meaningful to you. That might mean a fitter, healthier body or it might mean a happier and clearer mind – all these things are possible if you put in the effort and know how!

I have worked in senior roles in large corporations, taught Fitness at TAFE, written a Sports Management Diploma and coached high-level athletes but what I enjoy the most is working one-on-one with people and helping them to get moving in a way that is enjoyable and beneficial to their health or helping them maximise their potential on the sporting arena.

See you soon.

My Exercise Services

At Home Exercise Programs

Personal Training

Qualifications and Credentials

  • Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Children’s Trainer, Older Adults Trainer (Certificate 3 and 4 Fitness)
  • Ambassador – Global Personal Training Academy (PTA Global)
  • Educator – TAFE NSW, Certificate 4 Fitness
  • Course Developer – Open Colleges, Certificate 4 Fitness, Diploma Sports Management
  • Athletics Australia Level 2 Advanced Sprints Coach
  • Powerlifting Australia Level 1 Coaching Certification
  • Club Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 1
  • Certificate IV – Training and Assessment
  • Diploma Counselling, AIPC and degree qualified – Bachelor Business
  • Genos International Emotional Intelligence Certification

Sports Performance Background

Currently active participant in track and field athletics, surfing and tennis. Have participated at Representative level in numerous sports including running, swimming, football and tennis. Have given thousands of hours to volunteer sporting organisation over the years.

Recent Sporting Highlights

  • Multi-National and State title medalist Track and Field athletics over past decade
  • Internationally competitive performances in short track sprints (100m-200m). Ranked 5th 48 year old globally in the 100m in 2016.
  • Multi times winner Male representative athlete of the year Blue Mountains Athletics Club.