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10 Easy, Delicious, Healthy Snacks

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One of the hardest things for many people when switching to a real food lifestyle is finding easy, delicious, nutritious snacks. Healthy snacks require some preparation because unfortunately the snacks you find in most shops will undermine your best efforts at achieving your health and weight loss goals. Not only are most of these “foods” empty calories devoid of nutrition and full of chemicals, but they generally lead to blood sugar swings that lead to cravings. So here are a few ideas for some foods to have on hand – in the pantry, in the car or at work.

onesmnutsGO NUTS! Nuts are an awesome source of nutrition that can fill you up quickly. They are high in monounsaturated Omega-3 fats, protein and fibre – three nutrients that your body thrives on. Also they are easy to store so you can keep a bag in your handbag, work drawer or glove-box for those times when you know you will not get through to the next meal. Nuts do not have to be boring – there are so many types to mix and match – almonds, brazil nuts, pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, macadamias – and include some seeds for variety like sunflower of pumpkin seeds. Go for raw, natural nuts and skip the flavourings, refined salt and honey-roasted varieties (dry roast them yourself if you like that)! Many fear that nuts contain too many calories but remember that it is quality of food, not quantity. Just trust your body and stop eating when you are full – you really don’t need too many to be satisfied.

twosmavo spoonAVOCADO & a SPOON. Avocadoes are great source of healthy plant fat and fibre and they are delicious and will fill you up. They come with their own inbuilt bowl so just grab a knife and spoon and eat. If you don’t like them on their own, try a drizzle of olive oil and some salt and pepper. And when you buy them, grab some ripe, some slightly ripe and some unripened so that you have one to eat now and some to eat later – they will take up to a week to ripen so you can easily stay stocked up for a while.

threesmboiled eggTHE BOILED EGG. Boil up a few eggs while you are in the shower – you can eat them for breakfast or take them with you as an easy snack. You can keep them in a cooler bag in the car or at work if you don’t have a fridge. Eggs are the perfect combination of nutrients – after all they are designed to make baby chickens. Ignore all the nonsense about cholesterol – even the heart health associations are admitting that dietary cholesterol has little impact on blood cholesterol levels now (finally!). And please, please eat the yolks – they are the best bit.


board of delicious cheese - food and drink

CHEESE. If you are not lactose or dairy intolerant then a chunk of cheese is a great mix of protein and healthy fats to see you through to the next meal. Hard cheese or soft cheese – the choice is yours – choose a brand that has nothing in it except milk, rennet and salt. Some people with lactose intolerance find they are OK with hard cheeses, but if you can’t eat any dairy at all there are also some awesome goat and sheep cheeses to try.

fivesmpaleo_frittata-640x357FRITATTA MUFFINS. These take abut 10 minutes to prepare, 20 minutes to cook and are a perfect snack containing eggs and basically whatever other ingredients you want to add! Tomatoes, avocado, bacon, salmon, capsicum, spinach, mushrooms, cheese… the options are endless. Make a mixed batch for variety – you can just put the other ingredients in the muffin hole & then cover with the egg mix. Cook up a batch on the weekend for the week and grab and eat on the run. Wrap some in foil and take to work. But beware you might need to make more than you think – they tend to disappear very quickly.

Here’s a recipe from the Merrymaker Sisters: http://www.themerrymakersisters.com/paleo-mini-frittata/

sixsmchicken drummieA CHICKEN DRUMSTICK. Cook up a batch of chicken drumsticks on the weekend (including the skin!), wrap individually in foil and put in the fridge. You can eat them out of the foil so you don’t get messy, and these are guaranteed to fill you up. They are also great for breakfast or lunch. Remember the fat in the skin is not calories, it is nutrients vital for brain health and immunity. Opt for free-range and organic brands to avoid hormones, antibiotics and grain-fed sick chickens.

sevensmHOME-MADE ENERGY BARS. One look at the ingredients labels of most protein or energy bars will have you running for cover. These are NOT food. Make your own from nuts, seeds, dried fruit and coconut oil. Add cacao or coconut flakes for variety. Add some pure raw honey for some sweetness. Get the kids involved so they can make their own healthy lunchbox snack.

RawEnergyBreakfastBars-850x400We like these cooked bars: http://blog.honeypacifica.com/fruit-nut-grain-free-bars/ and these raw bars: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-13643/raw-superfood-breakfast-bars.html but the list of possibilities is endless. There is also the protein ball version for variety of shape: https://www.thehealthychef.com/2011/09/protein-power-balls/

eightsmapples-and-pbAPPLE SLICES IN NUT BUTTER. If you have not tried this yet you need to because it is so delicious. Grab an organic apple and slice it. Spread on a 100% natural nut butter like these from Melrose. Eat. All you need is a knife.

ninesmTHE ULTIMATE SMOOTHIE. A smoothie is an awesome snack on the go. Whether green or milk-based, you can keep them in a thermos and they will be fine for the day when kept away from light and heat. Blend them with ice in the morning so they stay cold and taste fresh. Add whatever vegetables you have in the fridge. Add coconut oil, nuts, seeds or avocado for healthy fats. Add a natural 100% protein powder to switch up the protein. Find a combination you just love.

Here is a great basic green smoothie recipe: https://www.thrivehealth.com.au/easy-green-smoothie/ and here is a basic nut-milk based smoothie: https://www.thrivehealth.com.au/banana-almond-smoothie/.

tensmyoghurt nutsGREEK YOGHURT & NUTS. If dairy is your friend then this is a great option. Opt for a Greek variety with no sugar, fruit juice, natural sweeteners or additives like this one from Jalna. Ideally it should only contain whole milk and cultures and be pot set. Add nuts and seeds for crunch or if you like it a bit sweeter than add a bit of fruit or a drizzle of raw pure honey. Yogurt keeps for weeks in the fridge so there is no excuse not to have some in the fridge at home or work. There are also some great goat and sheep milk yoghurts out there for those who are sensitive to cow’s milk.


If you are on the go all the time, a little bit of preparation goes a long way to helping you achieve you health and weight loss goals. Grab yourself a cooler bag and thermos, prepare a few things on the weekend, or just get the fridge and pantry stocked up.