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Changing Bodies. Changing Minds.

Since 2012 we have used our expertise in nutrition, exercise and counselling to help hundreds of clients lose weight, improve their overall health and become happier.

Weight loss. Good health. Happiness. You can’t achieve one without the others. Our program integrates these things and this is where we are different and why we are successful.

You don’t need diets, meal replacement shakes, a gym membership or boot camp. You need a personalised program that considers the uniquely individual human being that is you.

If you have “tried everything” without success – then we can help you. Book in for a free discovery session and we can show you how.

We are based in Bonny Hills on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW.

Hi, I’m Janie and I help women achieve their health and weight loss goals

Over the last few years I’ve worked with hundreds of women and changed their lives. One thing I know is that everyone is unique and has different needs and there is no one size fits all program. That’s why I’m a nutritionist, a counsellor, a health coach and a weight loss consultant.

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Janie's Signature Program

Healthy Body Happy Mind

The healthy, happy way to…
more energy, feeling better, weight loss, improved health.

Geoff's Exercise Services

Personal Training

At Home Exercise Programs

Hi, I’m Geoff and I am a qualified and highly skilled exercise professional.

I am very experienced across a wide range of physical movement domains. Sensible beginner exercise programs, rehabilitation and pain reduction, cardiovascular conditioning, strength training and advanced sport specific programs. No matter what your physical goals are – I can help.

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