Are you stressed?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or even out of control?

Are you regularly anxious or suffer from low mood?

If so, we can help.

is a 3 week program specifically designed to bring you quick relief from the effects of stress

and help you to feel better and more in control.

The stress response to a situation is a normal way of dealing with the ebbs and flows of daily life.

But on-going stress, stress that creates powerful negative emotions or highly charged emotional states over the longer term has a negative impact on your health and your quality of life.

At times stress can be so powerful that we become overwhelmed and even unable to think clearly. For others, stress is a constant companion, an unrelenting feeling of worry, chipping away at our ability to be happy and fully satisfied with life.

Financial stress and concerns about our own health or the health of those close to us are some of the most common sources of high stress. Just trying to get everything done in our busy lives creates stress and at times a sense of being overwhelmed.

The things that cause us stress will always be there – we often have very little control over these events.

But how we respond to stressful events and how well our bodies and minds are set up to cope with stressful events are the things that we can all work on.

The Thrive Stress-Less program is a practical 3-week face to face program (or via telephone) designed to quickly help you build the skills to deal with stress and feel better. The program features proven and evidenced based tools and techniques that will enable you to manage stress in the moment and on an on-going basis.

Why it works

We help you reduce stressors

We help you identify and rate all of your sources of stress so we know what to focus on.

We then help you work out which sources you have some control over and then help you eliminate or reduce these.

We help you better manage stress

When you can’t remove the stressors, the only approach is to change the way you manage and handle stress before or when it happens.

We help you develop skills and strategies, and give you tools to help you plan for and cope better in stressful situations.

We take a holistic approach

There are many factors that impact stress – diet, exercise, sleep, health conditions for example…

Our stress audit helps you identify the less obvious areas that may be contributing to your overall stress levels.

How it works

The Stress-Less Program includes 3 face-to-face (or by phone) weekly coaching sessions.

The content of these sessions is 100% personalised – with a focus on creating a stress-reduction strategy tailored for your life.

At each coaching session we breakdown your stress reduction strategy into achievable steps and work at a pace of change that is comfortable for you.

We make sure your action plan is achievable, and help you address potential challenges.

In addition to the one on one sessions the Stress-Less Program includes 3 weeks of support – by phone or email as needed.

If you get stuck or find yourself struggling with anything we will be there to help get you back on track.

Periodically over the program you will receive information about stress and a short, simple tip for stress reduction.

In parallel with your face to face sessions you will gain many tools and strategies to help better manage stress for the rest of your life.

The all-inclusive cost of the 3 Week Stress-Less Program is $240.

What you get

  • 3 one on one coaching sessions (either in our Winmalee studio or over the phone)
  • Personalised stress reduction action plan after every coaching session
  • Stress reduction tips and tools
  • 3 weeks of phone & email support

What our clients say: